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Pineapple Express 100-GRAM Bag


Pineapple Express
100-GRAM Bag


Pineapple Express is one of our more potent herbal incense, so we recommend it for those who enjoy a stronger aroma.



Bizarro 10-GRAM Bag


Bizarro Herbal incesne
100-GRAM Bag


Buy Bizarro Herbal Incense is very much in Demand right now because of its Great Aroma, Potency, etc. 



Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Cloud 9
50-GRAM Bag


Mad Hatter Cloud is a high-quality herbal incense that comes sealed and branded with a highly powerful aroma for your enjoyment.



Joker 10-GRAM Bag


Joker Herbal Incense
100 Gram Bag


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The short answer is NO! But if this would be an issue for you we would recommend contacting our Support Team for personalized risk assessment as false positives could occur in relation to a few specific products.

We communicate via emails only, so there is no other method of communication available. But our Support Team strives to reply to all inquiries and messages as soon as possible, usually within a few hours or maximum 1 day. Although during the weekends our Support Team operates on minimum level, so it is unlikely you would have a reply during the weekend.
Further to the above, if you may not receive a reply to your message within 3 business days that means the message either did not reach us, the provided email address to reply to is incorrect or the mail service provider might be refusing our messages. But first of all, make sure you check your SPAM and Junk mails for the reply email.

They definitely do. That’s why we have our unique Money Back Guarantee service. You will also notice the reviews on our website which are all from genuine customers telling us what they think of the products we sell, and you could find further feedback in many online forums or review sites like SiteJabber. And the most important thing that you have to keep in mind, this is our reason to being in the market, all of our products are:

For the items fitting this description it is generally true that the production of the item has been stopped completely so we will not be able to offer this product again. Such discontinued items are displayed only for informational purposes for the customers who knew and loved these brands so they could have a better view on the products and quality we have and stand for.

You can see all the current promos if you click on the promo banner at our main page or if you follow this direct link: Current Promotions

Sadly no, these two markets are permanently out of our reach.

No sign of my order yet!

The shipping under normal circumstances takes about 3-8 business days to Europe and North America, and about 5-15 business days to the rest of the globe, yet in the case of any delays in the shipping process this time period could be longer than the usual. Such delays could occur in the shipping due to many different reasons like delaying air cargos, system failures, lazy postal workers, and the newest flavor of them all – lockdowns and border closures, etc… Yet this delay does not mean that the shipment is lost.

Please note that according to the terms and conditions of the postal service provider we use for the shipping, we need to allow 15 business days (not calendar days) for the shipments to arrive, after this timeframe we can open an official dispute and start an investigation. But this deadline has been extended to 25 business days due to the recent extreme circumstances.

If you have not done already, please do read the Shipping and Handling Policy. By ordering from our shop you will be deemed to have read and accepted the policies.

Please also note that we are a vendor, not a shipping service provider. We have no more information than what is available in the tracking systems and any possible action we could take is limited by the policy of the service provider used for the shipping.

The product is carefully packed in a grip sealed plastic bag or it comes in its own genuine package provided by the manufacturer. All orders are discretely packed in bubble envelopes (Jiffy envelope) with no company logo or references to our company or website. Our shipments are as discreet as possible, we never state the actual content or value of the shipment, nor the webshop and only the most necessary postal and address labels are present on the shipment.

All goods ordered and paid before 11 AM (Central European Time) Monday – Friday will be dispatched on the following business day. Any payments received outside of these hours will be processed on the next business day (Monday-Friday). If there is an unforeseeable delay we will promptly notify you.
We are sending a shipping notification email automatically from our system shortly after the dispatch. The tracking number (in case of the shipment being Registered Mail) is not available before the dispatch. Once it is available it is being sent automatically.

At our store there is a special 20% OFF discount code sent after the shipping of the first order – this could be used only once and on the second order only. Then we have permanent loyalty discounts available after the 10th completed order 5% OFF and after the 30th completed order 10% OFF.

And of course there are the periodical discount promotions, Buy One Get One Free and Buy 2 Get 3 offers.

We also offer quantity based 20% OFF discount for orders above 450 EUR in total payable if at least half of the order consists of non-promotional items. To request this discount the order needs to meet the mentioned criteria and you need to leave a comment with the order that you wish to have the 20% OFF on it.

Yes we do, as part of the Referral Promotion we have you may get exclusive discount codes and free items. For more details on this please visit the Current Promotions page.

We also periodically have gift voucher giveaways amongst our frequent customers. And we are sending out Unofficial Samples for reviewing as well.

Come on Guys, it is 2022… Bitcoin is so old it could almost be a customer! But as with all things, we encourage people to educate themselves – so if you still don’t have an idea of what Bitcoin is, then we would highly recommend start searching and reading about it. In short, it is the money of the future, digital gold, inflation and censoring resistant store of value.

We have some guides and tips available tho, to see those please check out our Payment Instructions page.

Our products are legal to possess in most countries. It is down to the customers to check their local laws in case a particular ingredient is not legal to possess. We can’t know all the international laws, so if required please ask a local solicitor.

Again, please note that we are not international law experts and none of us have legal degree even though we work closely with local solicitors. If you want to be absolutely on the safe side, please send us the latest list of banned substances of your country so we could send the list forward for analysis to the manufacturers.

 I’ve placed the order but the BOGOF does not show on it!

Worry not! This is completely normal. The free pack(s) are being added when your order and payment is being processed by our Admins. So rest assured the BOGOF promotion will be applied as it should be.

Yes, the promotion that was ongoing at the time of placing the order is locked in for the order. So even if the promotion is no longer active, the old promotions and those only will still be applied to the order. Just please make sure that the order is paid for within 3 months after placing the order.


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**We use Standard Shipping Method if your order is below 50 Euro (upgrade is available). Anything more than that, we will ship with Registered.

Yes, we do. However, please make sure that the PO Box address is able to accept both Standard and Registered Mail. And shipping to PO Box addresses is not possible via express courier.

You can track the order at your local Postal Service provider’s website, or if it does not work there then just simply call them and ask them about the status and location of your package by giving them the tracking number. They are always able to tell you its location as the package is registered in the electronic international database.

You can also track your order at some of the biggest online tracking service providers such as 17Track.

Please note that we need to allow 25 working days (5 calendar weeks) for the packages to arrive before we could do anything about it. After this timeframe we are able to open an official dispute and investigation with the service provider to find out what happened. Once we dispatch the goods it is the shipping service provider’s responsibility to complete the service thus delivering the package to you, we have no control over this process unfortunately.

Yes, we normally offer express courier shipping which is a next day delivery service or maximum 2 business days to most locations. To choose the express shipping method, please select this option at the checkout.

 How can I upgrade my standard shipping method to registered or express?

If you order for less than 50 Euro, we will ship with Standard post only. If you may wish to upgrade the shipping method, please contact us – email: info@mysteriousplant.com or alternatively you can fill out the Contact Us form with the request. You can also write this request in the comment section of the order during the checkout. There is no tracking available for Standard Post, nor could it be investigated.

In the case of Standard Mails, this is no issue as the shipment would simply be left in your mailbox anyway.

But in case of Registered Mails – as this registered track-able service requires a signature upon delivery – if nobody is available at the time of delivery, the postman will leave a note saying that you have 5-15 days to collect the package from the local post office (that is the usual time frame the postal services allow for the collection). Otherwise they will send it back to the stated sender address. So please make sure to collect the shipment on time and let us know if it may have been returned.

And with the express courier shipping, depending on the rules of service in your region there might be another delivery attempt on the following day, or the delivery person should be leaving a notice with instructions on how to and where to collect the shipment.

Well, first of all, we are the vendor in this transaction, not the shipping service provider. So we can’t and won’t call you before the delivery. Normally such an option is only possible via the express courier shipping, but it would still be up to the delivery person to actually do that.

For ordinary postal shipments (Standard and Registered Mail) the shipping service does not include a call before delivery option. The best we could do to help make this happen is to write a note by hand on the shipment asking the postman to give you a call before delivery. But it is entirely up to the designated postal worker to follow the instructions or ignore them. So please confirm if you wish to have such note added to the shipment or it should be sent as usual.

Pretty much the same could be said about requests such as “please leave it on porch at the back of the house” or “use entry code XYXY to get into the building”. We really can’t guarantee such requests will be followed. At the best we can include the request on the address label or add an extra label stating the request, but it all depends on the person making the delivery.

We are very sorry, but that is just not possible. The payment for ALL orders must be received and processed prior to the dispatch of the goods. No exceptions are allowed, sorry.

Generally speaking, yes. But if you use the Credit Card method, please be so kind to use the shipping address you want to use for the order for the payment as well. Otherwise we might have to cancel the order and refund the payment.

We accept and offer several payment options such as Bank Wire Transfer, crypto currencies (BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, XRP), third parties such as Western Union or MoneyGram, and indirect credit & debit card payments. For more details on the selected option just follow the instructions sent in the Order Notification email (right after the order was placed) and you may see further instructions and guides by clicking on the “Payment Instructions” link at the bottom of said Order Notification email.

As of the transfer times, the Credit Card option is instant, we will have the payment immediately. The crypto currencies are almost instantly done, although it depends on some technical settings of the transfer, but usually all confirmed and verified within a few minutes or up to half an hour.
With Bank transfers it could take 1-3 business days to actually have the payment credited to our bank account. The same is true for the service of MoneyGram and Western Union, although faster transfer might be an option on your end – in which case we would have the payment within a few hours normally.

Either way, rest assured your payment will be processed as soon as possible and we will be sending a system email regarding the processing of the payment.
In the case of instantly completed payment methods, please do note the payment processing deadline. All goods ordered and paid before 11 AM (Central European Time) Monday – Friday will be dispatched on the following business day. Any payments received outside of these hours will be processed on the next business day (Monday-Friday). If there is an unforeseeable delay we will promptly notify you.

Mysteriousplants.com strives to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all its customers. All personal information is kept strictly confidential and secure, never being sold or leased to ANY third parties, not a single one. Our payment gateway is equipped and approved with the finest encryption protocol, and all payments are 256bit encrypted whilst communicating with the bank. Our webshop is GDPR compliant and operates with strict SSL connection.

The payment will show as a completely unrelated private transfer, with absolutely no indication, link or connection to the web shop.

Placed orders could be completed up to 3 months from the moment of placing them. After 3 months have passed we will no longer be able to accept the payment for a given order.

Yes, we do. Please email us for more details at wholesale@mysteriousplant.com

Unlike other online retailers we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your order. We will refund 100% of the cost of the product minus shipping and handling fees. Every return needs to be approved by us.

*Important: In order to be eligible for money back guarantee, certain conditions and restrictions apply. Mysteriousplants.com and its associates hold the right to deny returns if less than 100% of the product is returned or if the order is not sent back in its original packaging, in an acceptable resalable condition. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees involved in the return. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

If this FAQ has not answered your question, please click here to submit your question or send us an email to info@mysteriousplant.com .

How does ordering from Mysterious Plant compare to ordering from dispensaries?

Ordering from Mysterious Plant is like having a personal cannabis concierge at your service. Browse our extensive cannabis products at leisure without feeling rushed. Mysterious Plant’s swift delivery times and top-notch customer service make local dispensary visits unnecessary. That means no more waiting in lines or dealing with impatient budtenders. We make it simple, discreet, and fuss-free to get the canna haul you need.

How long does incense delivery from Mysterious Plant take compared to dispensaries?

Depending on traffic and order volume, Mysterious Plant orders can range in waiting times. ASAP orders arrive to you at the earliest while Scheduled orders arrive within your chosen delivery window.

What hours is Herbal Incense delivery available?

Mysterious Plant delivers ASAP orders in your city every day of the year from 8:30 am to 10 pm. Scheduled deliveries can be placed at any time of the day for the next available delivery window presented at checkout

Can I track my Herbal Incesne Delivery?

Yes, once the driver has your order picked, you can track your order from the live map on the order confirmation page on mysteriousplant.com. You will also receive regular SMS updates on your order’s progress.

Why Choose Mysterious Plant for Herbal Incense Delivery?

Herbal Incense Quality

We work with the best herbal incense cultivators, manufacturers, and labels in the California incense industry. Always fresh, always sticky, always top shelf.


All our herbal incense delivery drivers are stringently background-checked and employed full-time.


We deliver exactly what you want as fast as possible with same-day delivery.