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All Day All Night Bath Salts is one of the most sought after bath salt blends on the market now. Experienced fans of this product has revealed of great results, highlighting a few reasons they want the legal highs.

Choosing Express Highs for All Day All Night bath salts is your perfect choice because our company only sells pure, quality and effective products. This bath salt product is also legal in most countries, but we recommend you check state and country laws before adding it to cart to prevent any trouble with the laws.

Our team also delivers your order in DISCREET packaging. No one would know what the package contains. And if you don’t receive your order within four (4) business days, you can email us the details including the order ID and tracking number. If your order gets lost in the mail, we’re reshipping it free. Please refer to more delivery information for your guidance.

Disclaimer: This product is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It can be dangerous when swallowed. Consult your doctor if accidentally swallowed. Keep it out of children and pet’s reach. Remaining content should be kept in the original packaging and resealed to keep its quality.

Do not add the All Day All Night to cart without consulting your customs and country laws. Express Highs shall not be held liable for any harmful effects or consequences due to misuse. READ THE LABEL. Do not misuse.

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