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Buy Bonzai NEW Series is a selection of very potent pot pourris that releaves a strong relaxing fragrance and contains a specially selected blend of plants & aroma. Strength index score: 6.9/10.

Brand new very potent product from the makers of the Bonzai product line! Member of the top middle strength level! Experience needed! 1g XtraStrong edition!



MP Test results: This is the new generation of the Bonzai product line, so the idea is the same, but these new editions are stronger. It has a very pleasant high feeling to it which lasts a few hours and it can be a very nice addition to all activities. It scored 8/10 for us and we would love to hear your opinions too, so keep the feedbacks comin’. :)

Aromatic Incense. Not For Human Consumption.

Ingredients:Calandrinia, Blue Lotus, Palathos, Pink Lotus, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Marshmallow Althea, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Essential Oils.

Legal status:

NEW ingredients to meet with the latest 2017 law changes. Ready to be shipped anywhere.




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16oz K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


1GAL K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


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