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Buy Atomic Blast Online is a novelty collectors item with a 2022 formula. Marshmellow based. Strength index score 6.7/10.

TOP middle-range product!

MP Test results: This is certainly something for everyone, we are sure it will have fans on both the beginner and experienced ends. The formula is quite unique, two phased fitting, pretty much like an Atomic Blast itself. First it fits hard, then it is left in the – chill – zone to get nice and mellow. :) The scent is another wonderful thing about it, this blackberry really takes the cake, we can’t get enough of it! :) So all together wonderful product, easily scores the 8 on the 10 scale, but we would love to hear your opinions as well! :)

Novelty Collector’s item. Not For Human Consumption.

Ingredients: Baybean, Blue Lotus, Indian Warrior, Pink Lotus, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Marshmallow Althea, Palathos, Essential Oils.

Legal status:

NEW ingredients to meet with the 2022 law changes. Ready to be shipped anywhere.




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16oz K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


1GAL K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


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