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Buy Exodus Online For Sale is a lab reagent with a formula for 2022. Marshmellow based. Strength index score: 8.4/10.

Brand new, extremely potent product line! Member of the extreme strength level! Experience is needed!

MP Test results: Another member of the new product line trio is sure to have a place in our shop. Exodus has the magic that can unleash Hell, so go easy with this one. All three products on this line (ClockWork, Annihilation, and Exodus) are extremely strong, all on a different side. This one knows how to mess with your head; there has got to be serious black magic in it, but that is what we like. Kind of a mixed effect with extreme potency, so again, not for beginners. Sorry! :) The smell is also great, so the temptation won’t be missing once you open the pack. The score from us is a very strong 9, but we would love to hear your opinion as well, so keep the reviews coming.

Not for human consumption.

Ingredients: Euphorbia Marginata, Coreopsis Tinctoria, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Blueberry, Strawberry, Ammobium Grandiflorum, and Pincushion Flower.

Legal status:

NEW ingredients to meet the latest 2022 law changes. Ready to be shipped anywhere.




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16oz K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


1GAL K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


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