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Buy Pandora’s Box Online is a lab reagent with a 2019 formula. Strength index score: 8.7/10.

Brand new, extremely potent product line! Member of the extreme strength level! Experience is needed!

MP Test results: Pandora’s Box presents some real mysteries. It’s a top middle-range product, so not too strong and not too weak—just the right degree to get you thinking about the wonders of life and existence. Our tester team liked this one a lot; it is a great fuel for deep conversations, and the sweet strawberry flavor adds to the sensation. All together, this should be a good choice for everyone. Keep the reviews coming, guys; we want to know what you think about this one. We would rate this at 8 out of 10, but the actual benefit of the experience is much higher!

Aromatic Incense. Not for human consumption.

Ingredients: Blue Lotus, Calandrinia Umbellata, Crotalaria Retusa, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Nigella Damascena, Blueberry, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, and Centaurea Cyanus.

Legal status:

This product could be shipped worldwide! 2019 FORMULA




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16oz K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


1GAL K2 Paper/Leaf Spray


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