Layer Cake Herbal Incense 1g



Layer Cake Herbal Incense 1g

Layer Cake Herbal Incense 1g. Do you feel like you are under the weather and you need to relax? Are you looking for herbal highs that will give you a pleasant aroma incense experience? Look no further! The Layer Cake Herbal Incense 1g got you covered. It is one of the most potent and high quality herbal incense blends that our store has for you!

Express Highs has been around for years, supplying only the highest quality incense blends that our customers come back to us for. Our team guarantees ultimate satisfaction because we check all the incense blends we offer in our store. We have a quality assurance team that checks and tests each legal high we’re selling at Express Highs. Our products speak for the kind of shop we are.

passes our high standards. It does not contain any extender or filler, but only pure ingredients that you will love. has a clean and long lasting scent. It will linger in the air for hours, helping you achieve a calm and relaxed spirit. This product will clear your mind from the worries that you may be having. It will also help you achieve a positive mood, which you will need to last the day and feel good about yourself and your surroundings.

If you’re looking for a pure and potent buy it only from us! Finally, let us remind you that the herbal incense is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. KEEP IT OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH FOR SAFETY. Express Highs is not liable for any injury or untoward incident that might arise from misuse of the legal high.

We  advise that you check your state and country laws before ordering legal highs for your safety and security.You must also be of legal age to buy this product.




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