Mr. Nice Guy Mango Herbal Incense 1g



Mr. Nice Guy Mango Herbal Incense 1g

Mr. Nice Guy Mango Herbal Incense 1g is another popular incense to buy from Express Highs! The herbal incense can give you a spell-binding and potent incense experience that you won’t get from other aroma potpourris on the market. It is one of the latest offerings in the herbal incense world that you will surely enjoy, either alone or with friends.

It has a bursting mango scent, which can provide you with instant relaxation and calmness upon burning the incense. The scent also stays longer in the air, supplying you with that herbal aroma at home. However, you should use it only in a well-ventilated space and take note of starting low, especially for beginners.

The herbal incense is made up of tasteful and fresh ingredients. It contains no fillers or extenders. Our team only chooses the finest aromatic potpourris on the market before offering them to our customers.

Disclaimer: The Mr. Nice Guy Mango 1g is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Misuse may have harmful effects.





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